At ASCO we never compromise on safety. Ever. It’s that simple. We have a good track record. And we intend to keep it.

To achieve this value, we:

  • Standards and procedures are written down and are simple
  • People are trained in the application of the standards and procedures
  • Leaders set the example and drive rigorous adherence
  • Non-conformance to the rules has consequences

  • Focus is on implementation, not creation
  • Quality and rigorous completion of work is valued
  • Work will only be started when sufficient resources are in place.

  • Conformance against standards is self-verified
  • External checks and challenges are embraced
  • Audit and action completion is tracked
  • Gaps are closed and closure is rewarded

We empower our employees to intervene and Stop the Job if they deem any activity unsafe, both in and out-with the workplace.