In today’s high threat environment, the focus on providing effective security for our business and our clients is more important than ever. Security risks are assessed through the ASCO Group Business Continuity Arrangements. 

Every site/base follows a process that carries out:

  • A Business Impact Analysis (clearly identifies and records the threats, including security, to business activities)
  • Assessment of Risk – (using a pre-set template which has already identified and recorded all of the risks to the business and needs to be completed to quantify the actual level of risk and, development of effective control measures)
  • Implementation of all identified control measures - (adequately resourced, implemented and monitored for effectiveness)
  • Drills / Exercises – (Testing of all control measures and emergency arrangements to prove their effectiveness)
  • Review / Update

All of the ASCO Group security arrangements are established under this process and are wholly owned by the senior management team.