Sandnessjøen team achieve 3,000 days LTI free

On April 10th, the ASCO supply base in Sandnessjøen reached 3,000 days without a single LTI. The base has been LTI free since it opened in January 2010. The team celebrated the milestone with a lunch and speeches from Statoil Logistics Manager, ASCO Base Manager, a safety delegate, HSSE & Q Advisor and the Site Department Superintendent. This achievement was possible due to the hard work, desire and dedication from every level of the business, from base management to operators.

The business has grown significantly in the past eight years. Multiple contract wins enabled the base to take over important and large chunks of the shorebase market share in the region. In March, the Sandnessjøen base had its busiest month ever, handling 12,500 tonnes of deck cargo. Despite very high activity and many overtime hours worked, the business has been run without any major issues and is delighted to reach this LTI free milestone.

Stale Edvardsen, base manager at Sandnessjøen was delighted to reach 3,000 days LTI free but is encouraging his team not to become complacent: "Reaching 3,000 days, which equals to approximately 350,000 working hours, without an LTI doesn't mean we will reduce our focus on HSSE & Q. A good track record and safe operations is like a fresh commodity, it must be held fresh in our minds. If it isn't, the risk of having a major accident increases.

"We look forward to supporting the Aasta Hansteen which is the third installation in the northern part of the Norwegian sea which will be supported from Sandnessjøen. It is currently on its way to its location and will further cement the foundations of our business in Sandnessjøen."

Notes to editors: 

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