ASCO provides a comprehensive suite of operational and specialist technical service solutions to the Offshore and Onshore sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry.

Integrated Supply Base Management 

ASCO delivers fully integrated supply base services which connect all the elements of our clients’ logistics and materials management activities. We ensure their materials arrive in the right place, at the right time and in the right condition.  In an offshore environment ASCO’s network of 19 Quayside locations serve as the hub of this service, linking our transport, materials management, marine and freight capabilities.  Onshore we integrate our operations via centralised facilities that optimize the utilisation of transport to the work site.

Our integrated service is supported and managed via the ASCO Integrated Logistics Management System (iLMS). This provides customers with end-to-end visibility of their supply chain activities, allowing them to track their assets and benefit fully from the cost efficiencies of integration. 

Warehousing, Materials and Inventory 

We provide clients with a fully managed warehousing solution which operates from our own facilities and through ASCO-run client infrastructure.  Our suite of procedures, as well as our expert materials personnel and innovative Warehouse Management System, combine to deliver the highest standards of best-practice materials management for the global Oil and Gas industry.  

In addition, our industry-leading Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS), helps clients to increase efficiency and reduce the costs associated with inventory management.

ASCO’s warehousing, materials and inventory capabilities are can be used in both project and operation-based environments. 

Logistics and Transportation 

Globally ASCO manages in excess of 14 million kilometres of road transport each year across a range of diverse environments, carrying a variety of material types.  In addition, we provide a comprehensive Project Logistics and Freight Forwarding service from our hubs in the UK, USA and Norway via our world-wide network of trusted partners.

ASCO’s services include:

• Heavy Haulage and Rig Moving range

• Global Project Freight/Logistics 

• Freight Forwarding

• Airfreight and Helifreight 

• Export crating and packing 

Read more about ASCO Transport and Logistics here.

Waste Management and Decommissioning 

ASCO’s waste management unit provides a fully integrated waste management solution to the Oil and Gas and Decommissioning sectors across the UK. Our total waste management service ensures all waste management requirements are addressed through a single point of contact, removing the need for clients to interact with multiple contractors and maintaining simplicity. We always choose the most cost-effective and sustainable disposal methods for our customers, finding alternatives to landfill and adopting a reuse, recycle policy where possible.  Our service is seamless, providing a comprehensive waste management service from quayside to disposal.

Process and Systems Solutions

ASCO is a systems-driven company that enhances production efficiency across the oil and gas lifecycle through the use of material intelligence and process excellence. We manage more than the movement and handling of material; we support clients to enhance their processes, materials management and inventory strategies, enabling them to make smart and informed decisions.

We set the standard for best-practice in materials management and focus on continually improving our lean methodology by consolidating specialist knowledge from across our business. 

Personnel & Training

We also recognise the vital role training plays in maintaining a safe and sustainable industry workforce. ASCO-owned training experts, NSL, provide both training and specialist technical expertise in lifting, mechanical handling and related subjects on a global scale. Unlike a pure training provider, NSL also supplies expertise via its network of Technical Lifting Authorities who conduct audits and technical inspections to support the safe and efficient running of client operations across the world.


ASCO has over 30 years of experience in the storage, distribution and stock management of fuels, lubricants and chemicals, handling in the region of 2 million tonnes of fuel per annum in the UK alone. We are specialists in co-mingled fuel storage and pride ourselves on the most stringent of quality control and safety management standards in this area. 

We use multiple suppliers to ensure continuity of supply and minimise stock outs and we have significant gas oil storage capacity across the UK.

As major suppliers of marine and offshore lubricants we have the technical back up to support our clients. In addition we offer a full range of sampling and diagnostics services and our fleet of delivery vehicles operate on a 24/7 basis. These vehicles run from strategically positioned depots around the UK meaning that we can provide an unparalleled same day / next day delivery service nationwide from the Shetland Isles to the English Channel.  


Marine Control

Established to control and coordinate the safe and efficient movement of marine craft, our Marine Control operation is a permanently manned service located in Aberdeen Harbour.

This service has the responsibility to provide uninterrupted management and coordination of vessel movements whilst in the field.

Our Marine Control department works closely with the ASCO Operations desk to ensure appropriate movement of vessels within the harbour area.

By virtue of our Marine Control function being a multi-user resource, our clients enjoy the benefits of a dedicated facility without the cost restraints of a client specific asset.

Marine Technical

ASCO’s Technical Team delivers a wide range of expertise and a responsive, cost-effective approach to meet the demanding needs of vessel owners and operators.

We offer comprehensive provision and management of technical, safety and auditing services and a complete 24-hour service.

Our services can be provided on a contractual or ad-hoc basis and, if required, through the provision of dedicated ASCO personnel working within your organisation.

Ship’s Agency

Seletar Shipping is ASCO’s Ship’s Agency business which is delivered under the Seletar brand. It has national cover in 8 strategically placed UK ports. Seventy staff are employed directly and operate from offices in Lerwick, Scrabster, Invergordon, Peterhead, Aberdeen, Dundee, Sunderland and Great Yarmouth. 

In addition to the ‘home’ ports, our agents cover neighbouring ports and handle vessels in over thirty locations down the eastern seaboard of the UK.

Ship’s Agency Main Services

Our team of agents attend vessel port calls; arrange service provisioning, procurement and delivery of stores and spares. They also provide mail and cash to the Master. Ships Agency main services are: 

•  Crew Change Support

•  Freight Management

•  Shipside Security and Walk to Work