ASCO has operated from its Tananger base since 1995. The base is located at Sola Havn, a multi-purpose harbour with its own offshore supply terminal. The harbour is ideally located, taking advantage of a well developed onshore transport infrastrucutre.

ASCO Tananger base has over 13,200 square metres of internal warehousing, including 10,000 square metres that is heated. The facility also has 80,000 square metres of outdoor storage and 18,000 square metres of quayside space. We also offer a range of warehousing that can be customized to suit our customer's requirements.

  • Most efficient one-stop-shop in the area
  • Close to most O&G supplier companies
  • Modern bulk plant with supply from all major drilling fluid suppliers
  • Drill cuttings treatment facility
  • 5 berths
  • MGO plant with parallel supply over multiple quays
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Emergency base for Oil Spill Response
  • Main base for BP, Talisman and Lundin in the North Sea