Marine Operations are often one of the highest cost and highest risk areas of your supply chain. We work to enhance the efficient utilisation of your fleet and support the mitigation of risk and cost.

Marine Services

Fully managed marine services

Our Marine services provide our customers with substantial safety improvements and efficiencies around their marine operations. Offered independently or as part of a managed service, our service lines include:

Vessel Monitoring and Collision Risk Management

  • Dedicated service 24/7/365 designed to help our clients meet their Collision Risk Management obligations and to manage offshore marine collision risk to as low as reasonably practicable

Marine Coordination

  • Around the clock coordination of PSV’s, ERRV’s & project vessels both in port and offshore to ensure safe and efficient maritime operations

Vessel and Fleet Optimisation

  • Helping our clients right-size their marine capacity requirements to ensure safe and efficient operations

Technical & Assurance

  • Providing Marine Technical & Assurance services to help ensure marine operations are conducted safely & efficiently and in compliance with Client requirements


  • Chartering best tonnage available on behalf of ourselves and/or our clients
  • Tender evaluation & recommendation for charter award

How do you benefit?

  • Provision of a single point of contact for marine operations
  • 24/7/365 marine control and coordination from a dedicated marine operations centre, mitigating risk of offshore asset collision from attendant and passing vessels and ensuring best use of valuable marine resources
  • Independent management of vessel pooling with fair and equitable schedules and costs between sharing participants
  • Immediately available in-house marine technical and assurance specialists

Vessel Monitoring and Collision Risk Management

Helping protect your assets

Passing and attendant vessels create a major accident hazard risk for offshore installations with potential consequences including loss of life, environmental damage, loss of production, and reputational damage. Leveraging on enhanced Radar Early Warning Systems (REWS) and other communications technology, tied back to a central control centre, we help you manage these risks as part of a robust collision risk management strategy.

Round the clock monitoring is provided 365 days a year by a team of experienced mariners providing a dedicated service for the protection of surface piercing and subsea assets. Our remote vessel monitoring service is not weather dependant and works via these three principles:

Detect potential collision risks automatically through fully configurable guard zones and virtual fences.

Assess collision risks using the latest software solutions and operating procedures to aid decision making.

Communicate reliably using remote VHF and Digital Selective Calling (DSC) to manage potential incidents.

Helping protect your assets

Technology in action

Services are provided using the latest technology, where automatic tracking of Radar and AIS provides real time situational awareness and control to monitor your offshore infrastructure. Robust system design and dedicated offshore support teams ensure that operational availability is maximised.

Marine Coordination

Managing your marine operations

Experienced mariners located at our control centre provide day to day coordination between customers' onshore facilities, the supply base and offshore assets to ensure cargo is supplied efficiently. Their experience in planning and scheduling to navigate marine challenges including weather delays, helps to improve safety, increase vessel productive time and reduce cost.

How do you benefit?

  • We support your marine strategy, optimise vessel utilisation and continually seek efficiencies
  • We coordinate offshore installation priorities and restrictions with vessel routine. Taking account of safety, offshore production and business critical requirements
  • We reduce burden on vessel crews and platform personnel
  • Assurance that installation requirements are accurately fulfilled
  • We coordinate Marine Technical on/off hire surveys
  • We maintain voyage metrics and provide marine/shipping reports to stakeholders
  • We coordinate suitable berthing and quayside resource to expedite vessel turnarounds
  • We forecast and coordinate MGO and water supply for your installations and vessels
Managing your marine operations

Vessel and Fleet Optimisation

Optimising your vessels

We have developed optimisation tools which enable our Marine team to identify specific vessel or fleet optimisation opportunities through efficient capacity planning and scheduling. Our capability is aligned with the Logistics Planning System (LPS) and Deck Visualisation System (DVS) modules within our iLMS suite.

ASCO mariners and efficiency tools optimise charter vessel utilisation within existing customer operating structures, giving access to vessel time and cargo capacity on agreed routes and schedules.

How do you benefit?

  • We support you in reducing the cost and management of vessel operations through improved deck and time utilisation.
  • Support vessel sharing & pooling across multiple clients, giving improved vessel utilisation and shared costs.
  • Reduced burden and costs of Spot Hire or third-party vessels.
  • Management and reporting via our Integrated Logistics Management System (iLMS).
Optimising your vessels

Technology in Action

The Logistics Planning System forms part of our iLMS suite of systems and focuses on managing and tracking vessel activities, supporting resource planning and expediting vessel turnarounds.

Technical and Assurance

Technical specialists for your marine operations

Our pool of in-house, highly experienced Marine Technical Advisors impart their expertise to help you manage your vessels through provision of:

  • On/off hire safety briefings for all new vessel charters and rolling assurance programmes for term hired vessels.
  • Assurance of crew competence, which involves the Master Mariner sailing with Officers and crew for a full voyage.
  • Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) and Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID) Inspections
  • Safety procedure, Marine Operations Manuals and vessel KPI's review and adherence
  • Fuel and water quality monitoring and assurance
  • Incident and accident investigations


Managing chartering on your behalf

Our Marine department are experienced in tendering and brokering charter arrangements with vessel owners to ensure best value and fit for purpose vessels in line with both your and our own technical specifications.

Ship Agency

Your local Ship Agent

Seletar, an ASCO brand, are a leading multi-industry ship agency, covering 8 strategic locations in the UK.

Delivering a range of cost effective in-house services to vessel owners, operators and charterers, Seletar offer a tailor-made service to their clients. Seletar team have built an enviable reputation by providing a suite of services designed to take care of all your needs.

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Your local Ship Agent

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